The health of our planet is the foundation of a hopeful future, but so is the well-being of all people. In fact, the two are inextricably linked. While climate change poses a threat to everyone, communities of color and those with less economic advantage are likely to experience the worst of it. Tom’s of Maine recognizes the junction between diversity and equity, and climate change—and they’re actively working to do something about it.

On top of an internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) program, Tom’s of Maine has ongoing philanthropic initiatives. Their corporate giving program, Giving for Goodness, donates 10% of annual profits to fund climate change, health and well-being, and disaster relief organizations. Their Get Into Nature initiative was created to help young people from underrepresented communities access the outdoors. And according to the 2022 Goodness Report, 80% of the program’s funding this year went to BIPOC-led organizations. Learning, growing, and bettering ourselves through DEI work and giving back is a way we can make a difference today and every day. 

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