This Common Hair Care Mistake Is A Huge Waste Of $ Says This Pro


As far as hair care goes, hair masks are definitely the top shelf product category. Hair masks are a treatment step, meant to really deliver results; so they’re packed with rich, nutrient-dense ingredients. This means they usually cost a lot—or at least way more than your standard conditioner. So you really ought to use them properly to get the most out of the product. 

“If you’re not leaving your hair mask on for at least three to five minutes, you’re not getting the full benefits and you’re kinda wasting your money,” says Newman.  

See, a lot of folks make the mistake of applying like a conditioner: Apply it on the strands, work it in for a bit, then rinse out. But in order for these hydrating ingredients to penetrate the hair fiber, they need time to actually do the work. 

If sitting in the shower for an extra five minutes seems wasteful to you (I get it, I’m trying to take shorter showers), then apply your mask on dry hair prior to getting in. A bonus: this will allow your hair to drink up the formula! 


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