This Face Cream Is My Skin Care Hero For Dry, Flaky Skin — & It's Derm Approved


According to board-certified dermatologist Michelle Henry, M.D. (who is also the brand’s consulting dermatologist), you could totally use this cream as a daily salve or “rescue treatment” whenever you’re feeling especially dry. “The cream can relieve dryness up to 10 layers deep into the skin by using its proprietary multi-lamellar technology to mimic the skin’s natural lipid structure, thus preventing damage from external factors,” she tells mbg. (That multi-lamellar technology is also what gives the balm its gloriously spreadable texture.)

While it’s specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin types, she notes that really anyone can benefit from this blanket-like formula. You see, proper hydration is critical for securing smooth, supple skin for the long haul; so even if you don’t have “dry” skin on paper, you might be dealing with fine lines, crepey skin, inflammatory acne, or even excess oiliness due to dehydration. You can address all of those concerns by amping up your skin’s moisture levels and strengthening your skin barrier. 

And here’s a little bonus tip from a beauty editor: Slathering this cream on your neck before a long work day (and repeating when necessary) can totally ease the appearance of those dreaded “tech neck” lines. 


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