Take a peek at the back of the bottle, and you might wonder how in the world three simple ingredients can have such a transformative effect on your tresses. But the thing is, you don’t need much to secure healthy, thriving locks—and in the case of this award-winning serum, less is certainly more.

You see, a good hair growth serum consists of fatty-acid-rich oils to moisturize the strands and keep them strong, antioxidants to help combat free radicals from UV rays or pollution, and scalp-stimulating players to deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, and RANAVAT’s three-ingredient formula ticks each box: It has organic sunflower oil to coat the strands in moisture, jasmine essential oil to nurture the scalp (this EO even has some antimicrobial properties!), and amla extract, a classic Ayurvedic ingredient with powerful antioxidant properties.

That jasmine oil also provides the most luxurious scent—my hair seriously smells like freshly bloomed flowers. I’m not usually a florals person (or a scent person, for that matter; my nose is pretty sensitive to lingering aromas), but I truly can’t get enough of this natural fragrance. The scent is definitely one of the serum’s best selling points, as countless reviewers also comment on the heavenly jasmine. That said, if you are sensitive to essential oils, you might want to patch test before applying all over or use sparingly. 

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