This Humidifier Is The Only Thing Saving Me From Dry Skin (& It’s On Sale)


As the seasons shift from summer to fall, your skin often mirrors the change. One day your complexion is ultra-dewy, the next it’s starkly dry and begging for hydration. The drier winter climate can wreak total havoc on your body, including the occasional bloody nose or peeling, chapped lips. And while you can’t magically restore the warm, humid air of summer, you can introduce a humidifier into your space.

Not only can extra moisture in your home be the key to keeping your hair, lips, and skin hydrated in the colder months, but it can also have an impact on your overall health. A space that’s too dry could cause respiratory issues, while a room that’s too damp could lead to mold. As a result, it’s important to find a humidifier you trust to keep your space within the optimal 40 to 50% humidity range—and no design has impressed me more than Levoit’s new Oasis Mist Smart Humidifier.

I added the humidifier to my bedroom around two months ago after the brand offered a free sample to test ahead of launch, and now I can’t imagine my space without it. Since the day I plugged it in, my skin has been glowing more than ever before, even as the temperatures continue to drop. In fact, I can’t imagine tackling the cold-weather transition without it.


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