This Hyaluronic Acid Serum Is My Holy Grail For Juicy Skin & It's 25% Off


You’re probably wondering: What’s the difference between a face mist and a spray-on serum, anyway? Well, unlike face mists, which you can spritz as often as you please, this spray serum does its best work on clean, bare skin. “This is not a setting spray,” Kosas founder Sheena Yataines once affirmed during a Zoom event with the brand. Rather, it’s a serum in spray-form able to fast track its active ingredients directly into your pores. 

And those active ingredients are some of my all-time favorites for juicy, bouncy skin: peptides, glycerin, probiotics, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, plant proteins, and amino acids. All of these players shimmy deep inside the pores and replenish skin moisture, balance pH, and increase firmness, so your complexion instantly looks calmer and dewier.

Like its name suggests, you’ll also find vegan collagen. Now we’ve said before that there’s no such thing as “vegan” collagen, but the beauty industry evolves every day with new biotechnology to help mimic ingredients found in nature. Recently, formulators have discovered a few biotech ingredients that can, in fact, boost your skin’s natural collagen production when applied topically (stay tuned for more reporting on that front). The vegan collagen in the Kosas spray serum helps support the skin barrier and visibly plumps the skin with hydration. 

“It’s a total skin reset all in one product,” Yataines adds, and the brand even has the clinicals to back up the claim: After 31 women used the serum spray for four weeks, 100% of participants showed improvement in skin moisture, and 90% showed improvement in skin firmness.  


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