This Is The Happiest Place On Earth — What To Do While There


Welcome to the happiest place on earth. International surveys and reports often rank the capital city of Denmark as one of the most joyful cities to live in. There are a few reasons for this—strong social networks, access to free, quality education, and a robust public health care system just to name a few. But it doesn’t take a sociology degree to get a sense of the city’s good attitude: Just take a stroll through the city’s historic streets, take advantage of the bustling bike lanes, explore the thriving sub-community that is Christiania, and get out on the calm waterways.

And while Scandinavia isn’t necessarily known as a well-being destination or hot spot, it should be. Most cities have many of the wellness staples baked into their infrastructure: Easily walkable or bikeable, access to fresh, whole foods, and an emphasis on living a balanced life.  

Here, the best things Copenhagen has to offer. Happy travels, my friends.  


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