This Little-Known Bioactive Helps Protect Against Dementia, New Study Uncovers


The review finds that citicoline shows consistent improvement of cognitive function in individuals with MCI (especially those with vascular origin), including improvements in cognitive test performance and mental functions—e.g., memory, concentration, counting, and visual-motor coordination. 

Citicoline has been shown to improve both memory and behavior in patients with chronic cerebral disorders (such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease) and cognitive deficits linked to cerebrovascular disorders (such as stroke and aneurysms). In Parkinson’s patients, the bioactive has even demonstrated significant improvements in cognitive status, akinesia, tremor, speech, and handwriting. 

Simply put, citicoline has clinically backed benefits in enhancing cognitive function and longevity for folks with healthy brains and individuals that struggle with mild cognitive impairment and other brain health concerns.


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