This Little-Known Supplement Is Key To Methylation & Cardiovascular Function*


In fact, a 2021 review from Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition found that betaine supplementation of less than 4,000 milligrams per day helps maintain healthy homocysteine levels3 (which is one of the reasons we included 1,700 milligrams of betaine in our methylation support+ supplement).*

Another meta-analysis from the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine shows that betaine supplementation can lower homocysteine levels by up to 20%4.* For individuals with an MTHFR gene variant—i.e., about half of the population—this can be a game-changer for optimizing their methylation cycle and overall health.

Beyond the methylation cycle, betaine also helps modulate plasma lipids—including LDL and total cholesterol—and promotes healthy myocardial metabolism5 and heart contraction.* With its collective roles in lipid regulation, metabolism, methylation, and cardiovascular function, we can’t ignore that betaine is a crucial heart health player.* 


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