This May Be The Easiest Lip Liner Trick For A Plumper Pout


There are plenty of ways you can plump your lips naturally, from exfoliating scrubs to humectant-infused lip balms to even collagen supplements (yes, really). However, if you’re looking for some instant volume, you can always fake a plush, pillowy look with makeup. To which we say: Lip liners are your friends. 

Now, you may have a favorite lining technique depending on your personal lip shape, but allow us to clue you in on a universally flattering tip: “oval-lining.” The hack secured viral status after TikTok creator Katia Haek posted her own oval-lining tutorial—now, the term has over 27 million views and counting, and the trick only takes a few seconds to master. Below, discover how to “oval-line” your lips for pouty, natural-looking fullness. 


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