This Oil Is Like Liquid Gold For Aging Skin, According To Research


First, a little background: Moringa oil is the oil that comes from the moringa oleifera tree indigenous to the Himalayan mountains in Northern India. “The oil is loaded with omega fatty acids and antioxidants, which have a variety of benefits to the skin from soothing irritation to reducing fine lines and wrinkles,” board-certified dermatologist Deanne Mraz Robinson, M.D., FAAD, says regarding the ingredient

Specifically, moringa oil is made up of 40% monounsaturated fatty acids, with 70% of that being oleic acid. “This combination makes moringa oil great for supporting the skin barrier,” board-certified dermatologist Hadley King, M.D.,previously shared with mbg, and a strong skin barrier is crucial for keeping the skin supple over time. Not to mention, the oil is rich in vitamins E, C, and A, which can help neutralize free radicals and protect against photoaging. 

These properties make moringa oil quite the MVP for smooth, youthful skin. In fact, one 2014 study found that using moringa leaf extract cream on the skin enhanced skin revitalization and supported anti-aging skin effects. And because moringa oil is similar to the sebum your skin naturally produces, your skin will eagerly drink up the nutrient-rich ingredient. It’s also an emollient, meaning it softens the skin by filling in micro-cracks—so it’s a great soothing option for inflamed patches of skin, too. 


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