This Part Of Your Birth Chart Holds Major Clues About Your Learning Style


Throughout the course of your life, you’ll experience planetary movements that “transit,” or move through, the houses of your chart. These transits influence the way the planets, signs, and houses all interact within your charts.

The quicker-moving, inner planets, like the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, will transit your ninth house many times throughout your life, continually bringing up ninth house themes like belief, philosophy, religion, higher learning, and travel.

You may find you feel more inclined to travel to faraway places or make a big change when Mars is transiting your ninth house, for example. Or when Mercury transits your ninth house, you may want to pick up a new course of study, Pennington notes.

With the slower moving, outer planets, like Saturn or Pluto, the transits occur less frequently, but can still usher in major momentum and change.

At any given point, you can cross-check the current sky’s chart and your own birth chart, in order to figure out which planets and signs are in your ninth house, and further, how to layer or compile the themes of the ninth house with the planet or sign residing in it in order to maximize the transit.


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