This Sign Could Have The Most Difficult Relationships In 2023 — Is It Yours?


While this may not be the easiest year for your relationships, Leo, that doesn’t mean it all has to be doom and gloom. As the twins explain, those aforementioned issues around power, trust, and control may rear their heads—but sorting through these issues before leaping into binding relationships will save your time, energy, and heart in the long run.

“While you’re a mighty force of nature, you can’t do other people’s emotional work for them,” the twins write, adding that instead of micromanaging, “focus on your own interests—cultivate a new hobby, start a podcast, or draft a few chapters of your memoir.”

And during Venus retrograde this summer especially, they emphasize the importance of taking things slow. “Confusion may not dissipate until after October 8, so go easy on yourself—and everyone around you,” the twins say.

The good news is, where your love life may run up against some difficulty, other areas of your life can thrive this year. Namely, according to the twins, Leo is going to see the most luck on the career and travel front. So if dating and relationships are making you want to bury your head in the sand, consider it an opportunity to focus on your career or take an epic solo vacation.


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