This Simple Change Could Instantly Increase Your Life Expectancy


Every five years, Congress reauthorizes a set of laws that governs the U.S. food and farming industry, known as the Farm Bill. 3It was last updated in 2018, meaning this is the year it’s due for another update. The comprehensive bill impacts not only farmers but eaters too, covering everything from agriculture conservation to SNAP funding to nutrition programs. It’s a prime example of legislation that has the ability to impact our health, and the health of the planet, in one fell swoop.

Passionate about increasing access to healthy food? Hoping to see subsidies on crops that aren’t corn, soy, wheat, cotton, and rice? Eager to support more regenerative ways of farming? Take a few minutes in the coming months to write or call your local representatives and tell them about the food issues you care about most and would like to see represented in the next bill.


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