This Simple Habit Can Improve Your Dental Health & Gut Health At The Same Time


A randomized controlled trial published last month1 tested the effect of a daily probiotic on gum health in adults with gingivitis. Half of the participants received probiotic lozenges (with the bacterial strain Bifidobacterium lactis HN019), while the other half received a placebo. 

After eight weeks, scientists measured several inflammatory markers to assess improvements in gum health, including instances of gum bleeding and the prevalence of plaque.

They found that those taking the probiotic had a lower instance of gingivitis, leading them to believe that probiotics may play an important role in preserving gum and oral health.

These are important findings since oral hygiene and gum health are essential considerations in every healthy lifestyle. Poor oral hygiene and conditions like gingivitis can lead to tissue damage2, bone damage,3 and even tooth loss. Beyond that, poor oral health may be linked to cognitive decline such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease4.

Because digestion starts in the mouth, it makes sense that probiotics and the microbiome would play a role in oral hygiene and health. 


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