This Tea Rinse Is Like An At-Home Salon Appointment & Helps With Hair Growth


“We use toners to enhance dull tones or cancel unwanted tones,” hairstylist Natasha Speth previously shared with mbg. For example, someone with blonde or silver strands might use a purple-pigmented shampoo to neutralize brassy tones. But you can also use various teas for a slight toning treatment, and these can enhance the health of your tresses, too. 

You may already know that teas are brimming with antioxidants, which neutralize and stop free radical damage; therefore, they can brighten strands and protect hair from various concerns, like brittleness, breakage, shedding, and even premature graying. Some teas also contain caffeine, which can aid in hair growth: In fact, one 2018 study shows that a caffeine-based liquid topical can be just as effective as Minoxidil1 (the active in brands like Rogaine). 

And, yes, depending on which tea you choose, you can absolutely see a difference in hue. Here’s how we recommend choosing a blend: 


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