This Test Will Tell You If You're A Likable Person (Take It If You Dare)


“Likable” is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “pleasant, friendly, and easy to like,” and that’s what you’re going to get with a likable person. According to psychotherapist Babita Spinelli, L.P., likable people are also multi-faceted individuals with open minds and a well of empathy.

“They tend to be individuals who are open-minded and create a space where people feel comfortable to be themselves. They have an ability to create a no-judgement experience,” she explains. And licensed marriage and family therapist Shane Birkel, LMFT echoes this point as well, noting that likable people have high emotional intelligence and know how to interact well with others, thus inviting others in.

And while we all may have personal preferences in what we like in people, these foundational aspects are what we typically associate with likability.


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