This Week's Total Lunar Eclipse Won't Happen For Another 3 Years


This full moon total lunar eclipse will be visible starting at 5:17 a.m. EST, and will last until roughly 6:42 a.m. EST, according to NASA. “A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is directly between the sun and a full moon,” the AstroTwins previously explained to mbg, adding, “The shadow from the earth will temporarily give the moon a red, brown, or gray hue.”

In this case, that hue will be red, AKA a “blood moon.” And according to astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D., there’s the potential for intense feelings, as well as intense change, under this moon. (Not to mention it falls on election day in the States!)

For one thing, Pennington explains, the moon in Taurus will be opposing the sun, Mercury, Venus, and the south node, which are all in Scorpio—while being in the same sign (AKA “conjunct”) Uranus, the planet of unexpected change. It will also be forming a square to Saturn in Aquarius, the planet of restriction and discipline.

In other words, all areas of our life have the potential to be impacted by this eclipse, which will bring up push-pull dynamics that need to come to the surface, she says. And with the overarching sun in Scorpio, we can expect there to be an air of darkness or mystery involved, as well.

As the twins explain, “A lunar eclipse heightens the energy of the full moon and is a time to embrace endings and let go of things that are no longer serving you—ready or not. This may happen abruptly at these supercharged full moons.”


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