This Zero-Calorie Sweetener Will Take Your Latte Love Affair To The Next Level


When is the best time to enjoy a latte? For us, the answer is whenever the mood strikes. Whether you’re out to breakfast, running errands, or spending a quiet afternoon inside, nothing hits like pressing pause and sipping on this creamy bevvy. From the ritualistic comfort of a warm mug in your hand to the creative flavor combos at a hipster cafe, our appreciation for lattes is nothing short of a love affair.

To that end, we consider lattes a bit of an art form—and not all ingredients are created equally. The traditional espresso and milk will forever be near and dear, but it’s almost 2023… Flavored syrups, flower petals, superfoods—even the most unexpected ingredients have become latte material (beet latte, we’re looking at you). We all have our preferences when it comes to this quintessential drink—but one thing’s for sure… When we’re in the mood for a sweeter sip, nothing gets the job done like Stevia In The Raw®.


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