Time For An AC Upgrade? The Best Cooling Options For Summer 2023


The Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner is EnergyStar certified, works with smart home devices, and runs quietly—in other words, everything you could hope for in the best energy-efficient air conditioner.

The Midea U’s CEER (Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is 15. This rating measures the ratio of measured cooling output to measured average electrical energy input and measured off-mode power consumption.

Since the unit is U-shaped, it’s easy to install and allows you to still open or close your window. What’s more, the Midea U is the first window air conditioner to receive EnergyStar’s “Most Efficient” rating in 2020, offering more than 35% energy savings compared to traditional air conditioners. And of course, it’ll keep you nice and cool: You can feel the airflow from up to 20 feet away, though some reviewers note that it doesn’t keep rooms as cold as they’d like (normal for an energy-efficient machine).

The Midea U has easy WiFi setup, and you can control it from anywhere using Alexa, Google Assistant, or the MSmartHome app (for iOS and Android). Easily remove and wash the filter when needed.

Who should try it: People looking for something quiet

Who should skip it: People who aren’t used to installing home appliances themselves


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