Tips For Healthy Skin Aging, From A Regenerative Dermatologist


No matter where you are on your skin health journey, the important thing is that you’ve started. But as Russak notes, the earlier you can start this process, the better.

“When we’re talking about longevity on a cellular level, what we’re concerned with is the decrease in energy production—it’s a slow down of the metabolic and cellular processes. People need to know to start caring for yourself early, when you are still metabolically active, when you still have enough energy in your cells to regenerate,” says Russak.  

She goes on to explain that “people wait until it’s too late or until they’re already showing signs of aging that they want to correct, but that’s much more difficult,” she says.

When you’re at this point in mainstream cosmetic dermatology, practitioners may only rely on injectables to treat the appearance. “We had things in our toolbox that would mask the signs of aging. We would use fillers as a bandaid over the aging process. We would mask the loss of volume and we would mask some lines. But we got ourselves into a problem where people look overfilled. Maybe they don’t have a line, but they also don’t look human,” she says.

However with regenerative dermatology, “we want to look how we feel—fresh and vibrant. And that’s where regenerative medicine comes. We’re accumulating tools that help the body actually regenerate collagen and restore youthful apperence—even down to the bones.” 


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