Try One Of These At-Home Fertility Tests To Better Understand Your Hormone Levels


Modern Fertility is more than a testing company—the brand also sells birth control, prenatal vitamins, ovulation tests, and sperm tests through its partner, Ro, a telehealth company that connects you with virtually with licensed professionals in the U.S.. Unlike most at-home tests, these fertility tests take into account whether you are currently using hormonal birth control and only tests for the hormones that are not impacted by your contraceptive. For anyone not on a hormonal contraceptive, you’ll test for most of the hormones listed above. If you are on a hormonal contraceptive, you’ll test for AMH and TSH to provide insights on your ovarian reserve and thyroid health, respectively. Of all of the tests on this list that require a blood sample, this is the most comprehensive.

When you request a test, you’ll fill out your age, current birth control method, and the regularity of your period. A doctor will then review your request to ensure you’re getting the most effective kit. Once you’ve received your kit, you can choose to take your sample at home through a finger prick, or bring it into a Quest Diagnostics location for help. Results should appear on your account dashboard 10 days after sending your kit in by mail.

Not only does this test have over 2,000 reviews, but I discovered that many of my friends who previously used at-home fertility tests opted for Modern Fertility. On the pro side, all five of them said it was a relatively easy and cost-effective method. However, a couple had a difficult time collecting their sample and had to be mailed replacement tests. One friend warns, “You have to prick yourself while you’re on your period, and I was extremely emotional and frustrated that it wasn’t working. Once I knew what I had to do the second time around was easier.” Another agreed that the amount of blood required for the sample took her by surprise, but said “all in all, it gave me peace of mind and reassurance for a low cost.”


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