Try These Under Sink Filters For Cleaner, Better Tasting Water


This wallet-friendly under sink water filter is an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their tap water for a lower investment. Each system is made from BPA- and lead-free materials that are either WQA- or NSF/ANSI-approved. It does a great job at reducing impurities, like lead, chlorine, and heavy metals, often found in tap water, and its filter has a 12-month maximum service life. This equates to approximately 8,000 gallons. 

What’s more, this particular under sink filtration system features a “push-to-connect” design. This means it can be installed in just a few minutes, which is great news if you’d like to put it together yourself. Every kit includes a design-forward stainless steel brush faucet with a fast and stable flow rate, so you won’t have to wait forever for your water to come out. 

This pick is strongly recommended by nearly 2,000 Amazon reviewers who gave this system a perfect five-star rating. One writes, “I had my handyman install it for me. It took him about a half hour. Anyway, it looks great, and the water tastes good. Also very affordable.” 

A few people do mention that they wish the directions were clearer. Others share that installation customization (such as using more washers) may be necessary in some cases.


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