According to nutrition scientist Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN, these powerhouse plant ingredients have multidimensional abilities to support metabolism physiology that are clearly demonstrated in clinical research.* 

“In addition to its energizing effects, metabolism+ helps enhance and optimize metabolic rate, thermogenic calorie burn, satiety, energy balance, cardiometabolic health biomarkers, and body composition,”* Ferira previously shared. Combined, these actions help support an active metabolism—which, in turn, promotes healthy body composition maintenance.*

Of course, metabolism supplementation isn’t the end-all, be-all solution to achieving and sustaining a healthy weight. It’s a powerful tool in your overall toolkit, though. Long-term nutritional strategies (like metabolism+) that help support a healthy body composition and adiposity level are best utilized in conjunction with other healthy, energy-balancing lifestyle practices (e.g., maintaining a nutrient-dense diet, regular physical activity, getting deep and restful sleep).* 

If you’re someone who’s tried every weight management tip in the book and still struggles to lose excess weight, metabolism+ may be just the tool you need to finally achieve your healthy body composition goals this year.*

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