Turn Any Bad Day Around WIth This 15-Minute Soul-Soothing Practice


I call these metaphysical meals, because they’re just as important as what you eat. You can eat the healthiest foods under the sun, but if you’re serving your body a big slice of stress and shame every day, you are sabotaging all the good you are trying to do for your wellness. The philosophy behind the metaphysical meal centers on the fact that wellness isn’t just about what you’re eating at breakfast, lunch, and dinner; it’s also about what you’re serving your head and your heart. 

Metaphysical meal meditation benefits your brain, your body, and your health and the connections between them all. It can be anything from practicing gratitude to taking a hot bath to having a good cry session. Metaphysical meals show you ways to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level and nurture your head and heart.

The four steps of the metaphysical meal include stillness, sweetening judgment, setting intentions, and sealing your meal. Here’s how it all breaks down into a 15-minute practice:



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