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Last week’s post dealt with the possibility of rekindling love 30 years after a divorce:

Dear Vicki: My husband and I divorced thirty years ago. We never had children, which was fine with me since I spent almost every hour of the day building my medical practice. I wanted things done the right way, I wanted it to be the best, and that took time. Apparently, it wasn’t fine with Jim because he remarried within a year of our divorce, opened a restaurant, and immediately had two children with his new wife. We both stayed in Albany. Our paths rarely crossed, but in the little spare time I had, I did think of him a lot. Now, thirty years later, he is a widower and manages the restaurant he has owned for decades. I am retired and wonder if there is any chance we might try again. Since I’m not working, I think things could be better. Is that possible?

This week’s post is a Five Elements Fix and offers Five Element ways to deal with insomnia.

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