Uh… Is French Press Coffee Bad For You? Here's What You Need To Know


French press is one of the more popular forms of unfiltered coffee, and thus falls into the less healthy category in terms of cardiovascular illness and mortality rates. 

That being said, switching your coffee preparation likely isn’t going to make or break your heart health. It falls below the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7 list of the most important factors for heart health (stop smoking, eat nutritious food, get active, maintain a healthy weight, manage blood pressure, control cholesterol, and reduce blood sugar.) Even sleep duration has recently been added to the list. 

So, yes, French press coffee is technically less healthy than filtered coffee, but it’s certainly not the main indicator of a healthy heart. If you’d like to enjoy the healthiest cup of joe, then you might want to opt for a filtered option. But if you adore a piping mug of French press? Please, carry on.


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