You were born to stay happy. Never forget that you are awesome. As said by Charlie chaplin: A day without a laughter is a day wasted. So here are a few steps you can stay happy :

1.  Listen to your heart, because that is where your soul resides. It will never lie to you. Ask your heart, what does it need now ? What makes it happy ?

2.  After you have got an answer , do what makes your heart happy.

=> But friends here is a bonus tip according to the universal truth i have discovered in life :  When you seek your happiness in others happiness, when you prioritise your happiness in others happiness. That is the situation when you will feel the most happiest. 

=>Beauty is everywhere in everyone, see everyone with beauty. Keep eevryone around you happy, your innerself will automatically be happy.

“Inner peace is happiness”

Every living being deserves to be happy, wish the best for everyone, keep doing good to everyone irrespective of how bad or good that person is. Believe in destiny, destiny always has something best planned for you. 

As per Newton’s law : “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, if you keep doing good, the best will come to you. Hope should be our biggest weapons in life.


-Go ahead and comment below on the advices that you need for your current challenges. I love you all. 

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