Velvet Nails Are The Coziest Fall Trend — Get The Look With This Trick


The key is to use the magnet while your nails are still wet, so the particles can rise to the surface of the polish. Boyce suggests waving the magnet over your tips after each coat (no need to go finger by finger), or as the last step before your top coat. “If it’s highly pigmented, you could just do it on the last coat. But if it’s something more sheer, then you might want to do it on multiple coats to give it a better effect, depending on the brand and the color,” she explains. Finish it off with a top coat for extra shine, and you’re golden (or, well, velvet). 

Now, let’s say you don’t have a magnetic nail polish on-hand—can you still achieve a velvety finish? According to Boyce, you sure can! “Use a shimmer nail polish, not a glitter, and then add a matte top coat,” she says. “That gives a really cool, velvet effect as well for people that don’t have the product.” Snag this matte number from sundays or Ella + Mila’s formula for a plush, fabric-inspired look.  


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