Whenever there’s a list of inspirational videos published, a commencement speech or two is always thrown in there.

Why? Because they’re always uplifting, with the whole “you can achieve your dreams” sort of stuff sprinkled in.

But after a while, commencement speeches tend to all sound the same…that is, except for this one.

Casey Gerald blew the world away with his amazing speech at Harvard Business School…and he hadn’t even graduated yet.

Casey, one of the 900 students graduating, completely showed up the invited speaker when he told a tale of overcoming unbelievable obstacles to get to where he was today.

From near-death experiences to 8,009-mile journeys across the country, Gerald has truly experienced it all. And he explains all of it with the poise and self-confidence that rivals that of any world leader you can think of.

Watch this amazing speech, and prepare to be inspired out of your mind!

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