VIDEO: This Woman Folded 1000 Paper Cranes. What She Did With Them Will Warm Your Heart.


Have you ever tried to fold a paper crane before?

Well, I have. And let me tell you…it took me forever.

This girl sure folded one….one thousand, that is.

The reason? To simply do good.

Mariëlle explains in her blog something that we all should remember:

“You have a tremendous power within you to do good. You can go through life by making things around you worse, leaving them as they are, or changing them for the better.

This doesn’t always have to be in big things. It is about holding open a door for someone, smiling at a stranger, or giving a compliment to a colleague.

Once you recognize this power, you will find that it doesn’t have boundaries. It is strengthened by your hope, imagination, and perseverance.”

When was the last time you tried to change a stranger’s life for the better? If you can’t remember, watch this beautiful video, and it will remind you of what’s important in life. It certainly did for us.

This woman used paper cranes to make the world a brighter place. What will you use?


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