First things first: What are ceramides? “Ceramides on a basic level are intercellular lipids housed in the uppermost layer of skin cells and are crucial for skin barrier function,” clean cosmetic chemist Krupa Koestline once said about the ingredient. She describes ceramides as the “glue” that holds together the skin barrier.

The skin barrier, with the help of topical ceramides, “works as a guard to keep moisture inside the skin and environmental stressors like irritants, allergens, and microbes outside of the skin,” Koestline explains. In short: If your skin won’t stay moisturized, you may want to consider supplying it with ceramides.

Of course, using ceramides in creams and serums is great, but you can also ingest them as plant-sourced ceramides, also known as phytoceramides. Not sure where to find them? Start with mbg cellular beauty+

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