Want Longer Hair? Here's What A Hair Stylist & Trichologist Recommends


If you have a question about hair growth, scalp care, product ingredients, or anything in between, Shab Reslan probably has the answer. As an award-winning hairstylist and renowned trichologist (read: hair and scalp specialist), Reslan has been studying hair in all its forms for many years, with an emphasis on scalp care 101. 

Reslan’s interest in the field began at a young age, as a love for all things hair runs in her blood. “My mother had her own kind of hair world that I grew up in,” Reslan tells mbg. This world included both hair schools and salons that served as a playground and learning center for Reslan as a child. 

Beyond hairstylist basics (think trims, color, etc.), Reslan’s mother was committed to diving deeper into the health of the hair and, naturally, the scalp. “I was so exposed to textbooks, lectures, and theory classes and I was constantly learning so much from her,” she says about hair and scalp care.

Flash forward to present day, Reslan spends her days in one-to-one hair and scalp health consults and hosting a women’s hair health and wellness podcast, hairlikehers. To sum up, Reslan is the expert of all experts when it comes to hair and scalp health. Luckily for us, she gave mbg an inside look into her beauty routine that keeps her hair full, strong, and oh-so-touchable.


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