Want Smoother, Firmer Skin? Look For This Ingredient In Your Next Product


“All skin types can see benefits from mango seed butter, but dry skin especially during the colder months can greatly benefit from its moisturizing properties,” plastic surgeon and founder of telehealth dermatology group Cortina Reid Maclellan, M.D. explains. 

“Mango seed butter has a very rich lipid composition (between 8.15% – 13.16%); it’s especially rich in oleic acid and stearic acid,” says Koestline. “This gives mango seed butter its occlusive and emollient properties that help keep the skin barrier nourished.” 

In short, mango seed butter hydrates the skin by filling in the cracks, encouraging a softer canvas, and locking that moisture in. Hence, why it’s such an A+ pick for dry skin types. 


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