Desert rose sounds like a very specific hue, but it’s actually quite versatile—it can complement pretty much any fall color scheme. It’s a chameleon color, so much so that clean nail care brand MiniLuxe included the rosy shade among their lineup of charcoals, taupes, and chocolates, a fall collection aptly titled “New Neutrals.”

“People will gravitate toward this color because it pairs so well with gray, brown, and navy, which are staples for fall ’22,” says Donna Charloff, director of service operations at MiniLuxe. Just like a flower blooming in a vast, dry desert, a dusty shade of pink can pop against a neutral silhouette. “It is timeless and elegant without being too edgy,” she adds. 

The shade also pays homage to western, equestrian-inspired style (the name itself makes me want to don a prairie dress and a pair of sturdy cowboy boots), which is expected to dominate fall closets this year. The Barbiecore aesthetic is also very much here to stay, but if you’re not one to sport a bubblegum pink ensemble, a desert rose hue can serve as a more muted yet on-trend alternative. 

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