What Astrologers Want You To Know About February's (Lucky) Horoscope


Aquarius embodies the tension popularized by Esther Perel’s work around people’s reconciling dueling drives for connection and autonomy. We’ll all be pulled to reconcile that paradox within ourselves this month.

This is why it’s always struck us as so astrologically incorrect for Valentine’s Day—at least in its traditional form—to fall during Aquarius season. Is it somehow karmic that humans should celebrate love during a time that we’re meant to focus on our individuality? Just four short days later, the Sun moves into windswept and romantic Pisces. A teensy calendar nudge and this Hallmark holiday would be right on brand.

This month, V-Day will serve up a Sagittarius moon, making us all even more adventurous and independent. Decadent Sagittarius will happily inhale the chef’s tasting menu, sparing no expense. But this is more an environment of laughter and fun, not heavy sentiment or tear-jerker trappings. If you’ve got the time and the dime to travel, a quick romantic getaway could be lovely under these globetrotting moonbeams.

Fear not: You can still get sentimental. Venus is cozied up in close conjunction with fantasy planet Neptune (their exact alignment is February 15), and both are in Pisces. That ought to compensate for the Sagittarius moon making everything into a crass, fifth-grade joke right when someone makes an earnest, heartfelt confession.

Other chances to celebrate love this month? You could try the February 5 Leo full moon, when our hearts are open and affixed to our sleeves. However, this full moon will be in a tricky T-square to the Aquarius Sun and destabilizing Uranus in Taurus. Drama has a strong possibility of breaking out today, especially if you’re not good at sharing power or compromise. 

But hey, there are other things in life (and February) besides romance. The Leo full moon is an ideal moment to put one of your talents on display or to engage in some much-needed fun.

Does that sound frivolous? Think again. Fun actually triggers the neurotransmitter oxytocin (AKA the love hormone), which is shown to have major stress-reducing effects that we all sorely need. Given our worldwide pandemic PTSD, this seems like a no-brainer antidote to start reclaiming the joy and spontaneity that Leo and Aquarius both specialize in. (Recommended reading/audiobook: The Fun Habit: How the Pursuit of Joy and Wonder Can Change Your Life by Michael Rucker.)

If you really want to surrender to the symphony of your soul, you could also wait for the February 20 Pisces new moon. That day, Cupid will restock his holster with fresh arrows, and the world will be in full Pisces receptivity—much better conditions for togetherness.


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