What Astrologers Want You To Know About November's (Volatile) Horoscope


That would be more than enough to make anyone opt for a mail-in ballot. But at this lunar eclipse, the moon will also make acute contact with Uranus, Saturn, Mercury and Venus, locking into a tense T-square (a challenged 90-degree angle).

The moon and volatile Uranus, the sign of sudden changes and revolution, will be a mere one degree apart, traveling in conjunction on November 8. This definitely has us worried about erratic behavior at the polls, especially given the rise of gun violence (which can coincide with Uranus transits) this year. Voters, please be careful out there…and please vote. 

Uranus rules technology, and this moon-Uranus mashup could incite another round of radical uprising. With Elon Musk taking the helm of Twitter on October 28, a mere three days after the Scorpio solar eclipse, many are worried that the line between hate speech and free speech will blur even more.

Across the zodiac wheel from the moon and Uranus are the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio, stirring up more intensity. Wedged in between these five luminaries is authoritarian Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of society and politics. It’s going to be one heck of a day.


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