Happiness  is a state of our mind. 

First : Whether we have something or not, whether we have that person or not, we need to learn how to keep ourselves happy. 

Happiness and love are human rights at every stage of life.

Even if you are not happy, create a thought that “I am a happy being”. Every thought we create that creates nerve synapsis inside our brain and then the signals travel through our body, which we eventually make us happy. 

Two magical times to create this thought is : 15 minutes before sleeping and 15 minutes after getting up in the morning. Which will program your subconscious mind with positive thoughts.

Second :  Laughing simply for a longer time without any reason will trick our mind to feel that we are happy. 

We do not need a reason to laugh friends, just laugh and laugh and laugh and keep yourself happy by making sure that the people around you are also happy.

Third : Go in front of the mirror look at yourself, smile at yourself and say “I love you” to yourself and start making wiered faces and keep laughing at yourself, make fun of yourself and keep laughing. When you look at the mirror , you  will start to cherish your smile and laugh. 

Well, to do this, we need to love ourselves. Love yourself and stay happy. Love you all. 

All the best friends.

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