What Is Your Why?


What is your why?

It’s an early week day morning. You have so much to do. S o much to get done but you’re tired mentally and physically.

[From the time you have awaken there’s is a five minute slot. During those five minutes you have the decision to either stay in bed all day or get up and get going].

At the last second you make the choice to get up and take care of business. Now, think to yourself. Why did you decide to get up? What made you want to get up and be productive?

Is it because you have something to prove? Or is it because you want to better yourself? Maybe you want to continue to prove everyone who doubted you wrong.

Whatever your why may be, never let it go. Use it to add fuel to your fire. Use it to keep pushing yourself beyond yours limits and you will reach new ones! If you have no clue what is your what/why, whenever you have free time have a talk with yourself and God and find it. Dig deep!!! Find it and hold on to it forever!


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