Many times it happens that we take out so much time in planning things but at the execution stage we dont give our 100% because of which our planning becomes useless…

Whether its a small goal to get up early or pledge of controlling our mind to get rid of addiction, or whether to stop ourself from over using mobile or whether to perform certain activities and achieve certain targets…whatever it can be ..what stop us from achieving this things?

Here is the list of things that stop us from achieving our goals internally..

1. Laziness

 Its so easy to say it lets do it sometime later or  I am not getting mood to that task…etc..this type of thoughts makes us lazy…and we keep on postponing things even after knowing the fact life is so uncertain!

2. Short term happiness vs long term goals;

Students will be very happy if they achieve rank but in order to do that he must leave all pleasures like social media  which distracts him.

3. Not cleared purpose:

Sometimes our purpose is not cleared.. we know what we should do but we dont realize why we should do…If we have correct understanding of why our goals are so important to us then that itself becomes a big motivation.

4. Confusions;

Sometimes there is no clarity in our mind like what exactly we should do…

5.Efforts in wrong direction;

Our goal is something and our action is something else…which will obviously result  in negative manner. If you want to be dancer you must practice it, if you want to earn you must work for it…Its just that you must know what you want and put your 100% in that direction.

6.Postponing to next day;

A bad habit which delays our work…We keep on postponing to future that from tomorrow I will do this ,I will do that …..example From tomorrow I will study properly, from tomorrow i will get up early in the morning, ….and you know what that tomorrow never comes !  

7. Excuses;

We are so much good in reasoning 100 things about why we are not able to do …It happens because we are not serious enough to work on our goals.

8.Not even trying ;

Sometimes we just think, imagine but not even trying for it!.. for example if we want to speak confidently in stage….we think, imagine but just let the things go… Instead we must work on  and keep pushing ourself for our own sake!

9.lack of will power

 Sometimes we just require a strong determination to do things..

10.What people will think?

 We are too much concerned about other people’s opinions to us…While trying new things we even think what people will think about it..whether they will laugh or how they will act?…etc but we dont realize that if we dont try out  how we will learn? we will be left with regrets.

11. Fear of going wrong;

Its ok to go wrong and learn from it rather then giving up and not even trying ! How can we develop without trying?

12.Dependent on others

We can do  lot of things what our elders do..its just that sometimes we dont know our capabilities and sometimes we are too much dependent on others!Being Independent teaches us hell lot of things..

13. Giving up easily

When we try and dont get desired result we give up…instead we must do analysis of why we didn’t achieved it…work on oir weaker side…and to keep on trying

14. No time limit;

We make plans but sometimes we dont fix a time limit. Suppose we keep our goal to read a new book but we dont keep a time frame  from when we will start And  when we will complete it?. Not making a time limit makes us feel we can do it anytime because of which we never finish it!

15.Misusing time

When we dont give value to time, we actually dont give value to life…So the more better way we use time the more better our life be.. its all about choices which we make!

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