What This Herbalist Keeps On-Hand For Better Digestion & Skin Health


In her Instagram bio, Rachelle Robinett describes herself as a “botanical creative,” and that title couldn’t be more fitting. As a registered herbalist through the American Herbalist Gild, Robinett uses her wealth of knowledge of both historical and modern herbal techniques to enhance her wellness routine and share with her thousands of followers. 

Robinett is also the founder of Pharmakon Supernatural, a modern brand focused on creating no-fuss herbal remedies. From pre-mixed teas to pocket-sized functional gummies, Pharmakon Supernatural makes consuming good-for-you herbs just a bit easier, without compromising on quality. 

Robinett has a large and devoted following that looks to her for advice on all things herbs, and she communicates with her community through social media posts, virtual office hours filled with Q&As and teachings, and she even sends out an educational newsletter called “Supernatural News,” described as “Herbalism for modern lives.”

Robinett is a master of step-by-step guides of all kinds—from tinctures for easing headaches, teas to encourage better sleep, herbs for stress relief, and even the best blends for glowing skin. 

Apart from her expertise in the herbal realm, Robinett’s skin is glowing beyond belief, and her bright fuchsia lipstick has everyone asking for the link. Luckily for all of us, Robinett shares her cult-favorite lip shade and a few of her best wellness practices below. 


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