Whats the necessity for you to go far from parents ? Why is it an important part of life ?


 Dear friends,

Imagine when a tree grows, its branches develop fruits. Also when the fruits are ready to harvest, they fulfil someones hunger. 

Similarly, when you grow up, its necessary to go far from parents because, when you are attached to your family , you will never know the relaity of life, and the reality of this world. 

Infact you should try exploring wide range of humanity in the sense, meet more people, try solving your own problems yourself.  Always living in their shelter, will only make you more dependent.Try to be independent friends. 

Also parents can not be there with you always, so i know and also have suffered the pain of separation from family . 

But friends, trust me, the pain of separation from loved ones is really important in life , in order to make your own identity in this world.

**So friends, never think bad about going away from mom and dad, only when you are far from them you can undertand this world properly.


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