Where can you find happiness ?? How to find true happiness ?


 Sometimes human beings feel they are happy when they: 

1.Get a new gadget,  but after some days , that happiness just wipes away . 

(materialistic happiness – it’s just an excitement to get a new material).

2. Eat something new everyday , but after some days it feels like it’s a daily routine . In fact food should be eaten to erase the hunger of the stomach , not the mind our heart.

3. Whenever you feel like having something or someone , that’s just a temporary happiness.

But have you ever thought what is the real happiness and permanent one , have you ever thought what’s the journey of life regarding happiness ? 

It’s simple guys  see :

“Where there is neither sorrow nor happiness, neither poison nor nectar, neither hell nor heaven, neither fear of failure nor fascination of success–>  that’s the ultimate joy of life . Our journey of life is to that ultimate joy of life “..

**This phrase says itself that we should seek happiness and sorrows of life equally . 

**Never have any wishes from life , just be simple , that will give you the real and inner happiness. 

** Happiness is a state of one’s inner self , so try finding it in yourself  or in anything or anyone. 


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