Why A Feng Shui Master Is So Excited About 2023 + Top Home Tips Of The Year


The Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit starts later this month, and this Rabbit year is filled with peace, power, innovation, determination, softness, and success.

According to Chinese Astrology, this will be a year to turn your dreams into action and commit to the things you’re most passionate about. Water Rabbits are known for being clever, strategic, and excellent in business. Launch into passion projects this year, and seek to innovate in work. This energy, full of love, will lighten and level up your life.

That said, Water Rabbit energy is not a fan of stress. If you’ve been pressuring yourself, now’s a good time to seek new relaxation tools and allow yourself more time to take more breaks. Consider softening up your space—and your wardrobe—with more plush fabrics, cozy knits, and luscious, velvety textures.

Who’s ready for more softness, more joy, more self-care, and more self-confidence in 2023? I’m wishing you a phenomenal year ahead!


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