Why An Astrologer Says This Zodiac-Duo Can Be A Match Made In Heaven


When it comes to a romantic relationship, we tend to expect a bit more from our partners than we do our friends. But the good news is, Pennington says the balance Scorpio and Pisces can bring each other in a friendship can also be present romantically.

As aforementioned, Scorpio and Pisces are fixed and mutable, respectively. And as Pennington tells mbg, these two modalities have a lot to offer each other. In the case of Pisces, she notes, mutability leads to a lot of change and a feeling of being ungrounded.

You can think of Scorpio, which represents “fixed water,” like a container, holding those watery emotions and keeping things stable. Pisces will feel safe to be held in that container and will also help Scorpio loosen the reins a bit. Fixed signs are known to get a bit stuck, including emotionally, and so Scorpio will benefit from Pisces’ “go-with-the-flow” vibe.

It’s also worth mentioning that Scorpio will likely not open up as readily as Pisces, as they’re notoriously hard to get to know. In fact, most of the fixed signs have that reputation when it comes to relationships—slow and steady.

And as Pennington explains, this could cause some frustrations. Pisces is the type to suggest getting married in Las Vegas on a whim, for example; meanwhile, Scorpio is still deciding if they even trust their Pisces counterpart.

“So they’re different in that sense, but once they do finally commit, it could really go the distance,” she notes, because a Pisces’ love is unconditional, and Scorpio is incredibly loyal and steadfast when they make up their minds to be.


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