Why Astrologers Predict Summer 2023 Will Be The Most Romantic In Years


When Venus backstrokes through scene-stealing Leo, we’ll all want attention in megadoses. But when our friends, family, and lovers can’t give it, look out! Tantrums can get reality-show ugly. Plus, who is going to play the role of the cheering supporter? The big challenge this summer is remembering that love is a two-way street. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be cherished and adored, but if you treat anyone like the on-demand president of your personal fan club, things could take a nasty turn. Remember to step back and share the limelight! Helping others shine is so rewarding.

In the middle of the retrograde, Venus disappears from view as it makes an inferior conjunction to the Sun. This year, the rebirth of Venus happens on August 18, which might bring a major perspective shift around love! If you’ve been perpetually single, you may be inspired to put yourself out on the apps again. In fashion-forward Leo, beauty-queen Venus can inspire you to revamp your style or set up a sexy photo shoot. Start with mood boards, then shop for ‘fits and hire your snapper after the retrograde. (Or get it all going in early June!)

What’s absolutely verboten during Venus retrograde? (Or should be…) Cosmetic surgeries, drastic makeovers, tattoos, or any changes to your look that are hard to undo. Everyone loves a fringe of bangs…until it’s time to grow them out.

Adapted with permission from The AstroTwins 2023 Yearly Horoscope.


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