Why Having Enemies is a Good Thing


Winston Churchill: a former British Prime Minister that is well known for his spirit, courage, and wisdom. Everyone knows his name, and certainly not just in Britain. However, he only became the Prime Minister at age 62. What happened in his life before that?

Well, he wasn’t always a great speaker–in fact, he had a speech impediment in his early years. He did quite poorly in school. And after school, he failed in many political ventures and was defeated in every election for public office, only becoming the Prime Minister at 62. Before that, few even knew his name.

Even if you think it’s too late to accomplish your goals, it never is. Consider: if you’re twenty years old now, you still have 42 years on Winston Churchill before he completed his. If you’re forty years old, you still have 22. No time is too late, and there’s no excuse to stop going after your dreams, no matter how many failures you face or how much time it takes.

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