Why Sleep Is Your Kid’s Best Friend—And How To Help Them Get More Of It


It’s not just in your head: your kiddo really does get bigger overnight. Studies have connected sleep duration and physical growth starting in infancy, through toddlerhood, and beyond. Once our kiddo starts sawing logs (and gets into “slow wave” sleep), the secretion of growth hormone increases. And these hormones are directly connected to body length. Sleep keeps their bodies growing, but also benefits motor skill learning (think: learning to pick up Cheerios). It even plays a role in overseeing inflammation, meaning their sleep is connected to immunity too.

Bittersweet as it is, our job is to support our child’s growth in every way—and thus, their sleep. At the most basic level, this means providing a cozy mattress that helps them fall (and stay) asleep. The Juniper Kids Mattress by Brentwood Home is made with a naturally cooling gel memory foam layer and up to 20% plant-based BioFoam®. Your little one will love this mattress, but so will you. Made with healthy materials like GOTS certified organic cotton, and free of chemical flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates, and latex—you can rest assured (literally) that they’re sleeping on the best. And until they’re ready for that kids mattress—the EcoAir Waterproof Baby Crib Mattress is just as safe, comfy, and sustainable.


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