Criticism…we all have gone through lots of situations of life in which people judge too much, they say like you are not good looking…they say you are fat,thin,ugly etc…and keep on criticising without even understanding its impact on us!

Criticism arises from imperfections. If we are perfect no one will criticize but reality is no one in the world is perfect.  No matter how great we are, people can still judge us from there point of view and can criticize us.

 They might sometimes misunderstand us or might simply do so to pull us down for either to satisfy their ego or just for their own benefits.


Each and every people have their own way of living, they have their own thoughts, actions and feelings and the way one express is also different. Each one are unique but still everyone tries to judge others, which is bias and vague completely.

People and so called society have a very bad habit of criticising others. It looks like they dont have any other job rather then judging. Actually when they judge they are not seeing their faults but there focus is on other person. 

If a person is fat,they will give advice to not to maintain diet and eat less, if a person is thin they will advise to eat more, if a person is short they will advise to do skipping and exercise, if a person is too tall they will still make fun,If a person scores well in exams they will appreciate but at the same time they will call them nerds,if a person is not good in studies they will call them stupid, if a person is rich they will call them arrogant, if a person is poor they will mistreat them!

Whatever you do,whoever you are no matter where you go people keep on criticising and judging you. Even the greatest achievers of any time will have some part of criticism in their stories.

Impact of criticism

Criticism can lead to lower self esteem and increases self doubt which makes us feel depressed. We feel that their is some fault in ourself  which is not true. And sometimes the pain we feel is too much to bear. 

If someone says bad about our personality, we feel why we are born in this way and try to punish ourself by crying on stupid judgements of others and be harsh to ourself. We actually give other’s opinion more importance then our true self which is so unfair. 

Sometimes people are judged by their own positions. They dont understand that time changes, what is good today can become bad tomorrow and vice versa. 

         An unfavourable position will be like whole society will start giving you advice,do this ,do that. And then the pressure of proving ourself emerges badly.It becomes like whether you wanted to take actions or not you will still take actions because society is saying you to do so. 

It feels like we become slave of what people say us or what they feel about us rather then we taking  decision based on our own interest.

Whoever we are, we are part of universe and can connect to beauty of life by simply smiling and each day to best. Why to leave enjoying this life and focus on criticism of others? No doubt we must learn from our mistakes and understand why people are criticising us but that doesn’t mean to punish ourself harshly for silly matters.

Many people in order to save from criticism they try to please others, they just try to do what other says without even realising what they really want and many a times they hurt their own feelings and emotions.They want to show how great and better they are. But many a times its a fake story altogether they actually hide their feelings and emotions.

 It looks like so stupid  in our part to blindly accept what people says bad about ourself and then doubting our own potential!

 Thus then we start journey of doing things what we are expected to do rather what we like to do. Here the only problem is we are trying to impress others and In order to do so we always compromise on ourself. Its great to be best in every part of life but its stupid if we are doing so to impress others. 

How to deal with criticism?

We cant stop others to criticize us but we can definitely take criticism in positive note. 

We can only control and take actions regarding certain things and other things are not in our hands completely. Thus dont blame yourself for things that are not under your control.

Dont have self doubt if anyone criticise you. You are unique in your own way and none can understand that but only you can understand yourself and trust yourself.

If people criticize for looks then understand that beauty doesn’t stays forever. It will end one day. But one can try to be more beautiful by its heart by following ethics, being honest,truthful, and helping to needy one.

The thing is we must note criticism and understand the reason behind it. Sometimes people just criticisize to pull us down, sometimes they really want us to move towards growth and success. 

            If people simply criticise to pull you down then you must further be more successful and show them who you are. If people really cares for you and criticise, then take a moment and understand it and try to correct your mistake. But dont ignore this kind of criticism. 

Life is to live, to learn,to explore and to enjoy. Its okay to go wrong its okay to commit mistakes but what matter is to learn and grow from it. Thus not to be afraid of criticism by burning your dreams.

Try  to become better from criticism rather then being bitter from it. Certain criticism discovers our mistakes. If we can learn from it and correct it, its the best way to shut the mouth of people criticising.

Criticism can be a great fuel towards success as its hits our ego and can motivate us to take actions more seriously. 

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