Yes, Financial Care Is Self Care: How To Make It Part Of Your Routine


One way to ensure you’re keeping track of spending without checking every dollar is to have designated “Money dates,” as Tessler calls them. A money date is simply a designated time when you tune into your finances—run through bank statements, pay your bills, divvy up your paychecks, etc. 

You can opt for a few minutes a day, twenty minutes every two days, twice a month, or another time that works for you. Whenever you decide to do so, Tessler recommends adding ambiance to your date to make it more enjoyable and ease financial jitters. 

“On my money date, I’m also lighting my candles, I’m getting out the dark chocolate, and I’m setting intentions,” she notes. 

Do your best to block out this time on your calendar so you’re not rushed to finish your money date in haste—because the only thing scarier than working with finances is doing so with a ticking clock in the back of your mind. 


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